World’s Best Fish Tanks

In my seemingly endless hunt for a coffee table, I came across this…

Apart from the reality that I would spend most of my time adjusting coasters and coffee table books to hide dead, floating fish, I thought this was pretty cool. Which of course led to this…

via The Telegraph

via The Telegraph

How terrifying for the fish! And more importantly, how terrifying for me who would be spending hours cleaning up the pee of heavily distracted small children.

In any case, now I was hooked and immediately abandoned my coffee table hunt to spend hours looking at fish tanks.

Then I found the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. Yep. It’s real and these are what the entries look like…


Whisper of the Pines, Serkan Cetinkol

Dentists of the world! This is how to get people to enjoy the waiting room.


Forest Scent, Pavel Bautin

I might just bring a swimsuit to my next appointment.


The ocean is always preferable but this sure beats the bowl with the plastic treasure chest.

Cliff Hui

Cliff Hui

Amazon Jungle? Nope, just some guy’s aquarium in Russia.

Dimitry Parshin

Dimitry Parshin

Never thought I’d want to be a fish.

Long Tran Huang

Long Tran Huang

But now I do…

Zhang Jianfang

Zhang Jianfang


Old, Older, Oldest

I was just having one of those days where I am feeling kind of old and creaky. The best cure for this is a beach vacation with drinks that come in coconut husks, but when this is not an option, a look around the internet for things older than myself always helps.

Rachel Sussman is an American artist who has spent the last ten years traveling the planet, photographing the world’s oldest living things. Thank you Rachel for not knocking on my door.


Her requirements were that all of the things she photographed had to be 2,000 years or older.


This clonal colony of a single male quaking aspen tree in Utah is connected by an underground root system that is estimated to be 80,000 years old. Feeling very young, I am…


The Posidonia sea grass meadow lives in a protected area of the Mediterranean sea and is around 100,000 years old. Having experienced how busy the beaches and ports of the Mediterranean are, I can’t believe anything is still alive in there.


This moss survived. Shackleton on the other hand, did not.


My kids would be all over these and then we’d get in trouble.


Cool walkway. Do not attempt while drunk.


This is a shrub even though it looks like moss. Wonder if it would grow in zone 5? I must have it.


Doesn’t this look like something you would try to sweep off the beach before sitting down to make sand castles for the day? It’s a 2,000 year old plant. Now you know not to…

oldest-living-things-photos-06Feeling young and refreshed. Think I’ll buy the book when it comes out to remind myself that I am not the most ancient thing on earth.

Screenshot 2014-04-01 10.58.43

Don’t Pity the Fool

I’ve always loved April Fool’s Day and growing up, I was always busy pranking my number one victim, my little sister. I haven’t tried playing any jokes on my kids yet. Everything in their world is too literal so they can’t always tell the difference between a joke and reality. Plus they seem to have this rule from school that April Fool’s wraps up at lunchtime. That doesn’t leave much time and we are not a family of morning people…


So, until I really ramp it up and start freezing their cereal and putting frogs in their beds, I will entertain myself with the April Fool’s pranks of others.

Last year, I posted WestJet’s hilarious ad about their new child-free cabins, the “Kargo Kids” program. This year’s ad does not disappoint…

Then there’s the discovery of whiskey flavoured milk from where else, Scotland…

And what goes better with milk than some chocolate? Firebox has a Lionel Ritchie head made of 9kg of Belgian milk chocolate for sale on its website. Full ingredient list is “Milk Chocolate (33.6% cocoa solids, 21.8% milk solids), cocoa butter, sugar, party, Karamu, fiesta, forever.” Delicious.


via Huffington Post U.K

 For those of you who feel confined by the traditional 7″ tablet, Ocado Technology presents the 42″ tablet…

No time for toast? No worries. You Aussies can get your Vegemite on the go…

Have you started playing jokes on your kids? I am making a list for next year and am taking suggestions…